Allgemeine Informationen zum Projekt «œuvres suisses» sind in Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch und Englisch publiziert. Informationen zu den einzelnen Werken und zu den Orchestern hingegen ausschliesslich in der Sprache der Herkunftsregion der Komponisten bzw. der Orchester.
Les informations générales concernant «œuvres suisses» sont publiées en allemand, français, italien et anglais. En revanche, les informations relatives à chaque œuvre sont exclusivement fournies dans la langue de la région d’origine du compositeur ou de l’orchestre.
Le informazioni di carattere generale sul progetto «œuvres suisses» sono disponibili in tedesco, francese, italiano e inglese, mentre le notizie relative alle singole opere e alle orchestre figurano unicamente nella lingua della regione di provenienza del compositore o dell'orchestra.
General information on the “œuvres suisses” project is being published in German, French, Italian and English. However, information on the individual works and the orchestras involved is available only in the native language of the composer or of the region in which the orchestra is based.

A new orchestral repertoire by Swiss composers

The aim of “œuvres suisses” is to promote the work of Swiss composers and to consolidate the international presence of Swiss orchestras.

Eleven Swiss orchestras commissioned at least three new works from Swiss composers between 2014 and 2016. This resulted in a comprehensive repertoire of new orchestral works under the label “œuvres suisses”. The eleven participating orchestras were themselves responsible for financing the commissions and the world premières. In return, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia provided the orchestras with financial contributions to their international touring activities and to their music communication and mediation projects.

During the three years of the project, 29 composers wrote 34 orchestral works, and 41 orchestra tours were realised in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

This website offers an opportunity to get to know this new repertoire, to listen to recordings of the works and to look inside the scores themselves.

The project “œuvres suisses” is being made possible by a joint initiative of the Swiss Association of Professional Orchestras,, and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. The project is being realised in a partnership with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR), which will record all the first performances of these works.

by moxi